Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Map Changes: Siege Cannons, IO Blimps, And More


Fortnite Season 2 is here, and that means a heavily revised map is here too. This season's theme, Resistance, is exemplified all across the island, as entire regions and major places of interest (POIs) are under control by the Imagined Order or the Resistance. That control looks to change sides several times this season, too, with territorial lines drawn right on the map in-game, so you'll always know when you're in enemy or allied land. Here's a full tour of all the new places to go and things to see in Fortnite Season 2.

Fortnite map changes - Season 2

The most noticeable changes on the actual map image itself are new blue and red lines that indicate the ongoing turf war between the Imagined Order and the Resistance, led by The Seven. Red lines are places where the IO has regained control following its dramatic return in the Season 2 story trailer, while blue lines are safe havens for allies. You'll notice early on that the IO has quickly gained an upper hand over the majority of the landmass, which means the Resistance has its work cut out for it right away in the early days of Season 2.

Returning to the island are also War Effort donations, much like we saw in Chapter 2, Season 8 when the heroes needed to fund their fight against the Cube Legion. This time, it's Slone's militia that threatens the fate of the island, and as a member of the Resistance, you can fund major projects including light turrets (for players), heavy turrets (for vehicles), and even an armored battle bus. According to leaks, later in the season, you'll be able to add armor and turrets to regular vehicles too.

Of course, such DIY solutions have nothing on the tanks that are now found in the game. These tanks move slowly but have a 360-degree turret with devastating explosive rounds and an optional thermal scope for spotting enemies far away. They'd be great against builds except there are no builds right now! New anti-vehicle weapons will be key to disabling these, or else they'll run rampant like the UFOs of Chapter 2, Season 7.

That's right, building in Fortnite is being "blocked" by the IO--dataminers suggest the mechanic will return on March 29--which means you'll need to rely on new abilities such as short-burst tactical sprinting, wall mounting, and a pool of 50 overshields that automatically recharge when out of combat.

Here's what the map will look like when you first jump into Season 2.

The map features several "???" locations when you first drop into Season 2, and while these locations are largely titled the same--even The Daily Bugle is surprisingly still there--you'll see things like military checkpoints, weapons caches, and impromptu forward operating bases all around the island. Areas dominated by the IO will also feature massive blimps lurking from the skies above, rather intimidatingly. Siege Cannons, meanwhile, can launch you far across the map in a single fire, Sea of Thieves-style.

Klombos are gone, as are the Spider-Man Web Shooters--for now anyway. Both were such fan favorites that we could see them coming back later this season if the story calls for them. Other wildlife is still there, however, even as the ongoing conflict between the IO and the Resistance seems primed to upset the entire island ecosystem. Undoubtedly, more changes will come to the island all season as the two warring factions fight for dominance.

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